Testimonials & Reviews



I should have written this review years ago. We have been dealing with Lianna for at least 10 years having purchased several properties virtually, and trusting her knowledge and experience in the Las Vegas area. We have also sold through her as well. She is very thorough, and professional. It has been a pleasure and we will continue dealing with her.

-J. & D. Selig, Sellers



As someone who has had the privilege of working with Lianna as our agent, I can attest to the unwavering standard of quality she upholds in every transaction. Her dedication to her craft is unmatched, and it's evident in the way she meticulously handles each client's needs with care and expertise. One of the hallmarks of Lianna's approach is her commitment to high business standards. Whether she's representing a buyer or a seller, Lianna ensures that every aspect of the deal is conducted with integrity and professionalism. This commitment to ethical practices has not only earned her the trust of her clients but has also solidified her reputation as a leader in the field. But perhaps what truly sets Lianna apart is her genuine passion for helping others achieve their real estate goals. Beyond just closing deals, Lianna takes the time to understand her clients' unique circumstances and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

-T. & S. Lyman, Sellers



I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Lianna Alvarez of LA Real Estate Group for the incredible collaboration on our recent real estate transaction. Working together with Lianna was a seamless and positive experience. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to ensuring a successful outcome were truly commendable. Lianna's commitment to excellence and effective communication played a pivotal role in making the process smooth and rewarding for all parties involved. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Lianna, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a reliable and results-driven real estate professional. Thank you, Lianna, for your outstanding efforts and for contributing to a successful and positive real estate transaction.

-R. Hammel, Agent



We have worked with many realtors in our past both purchasing multiple homes in the past and selling one of our homes in the past. None of them comes close to the level of professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and most of all the personalized customer service that Lianna has provided us. This has been the most stress-free transaction we have ever had experience with a real estate company. We do not live in Las Vegas, and we did not have to worry about trying to clean our property to get it ready for sale. I don't know how she balances all the balls in the air, and I know we are not her only client, but she made us feel as we were the only client. We are so great full for her. Last but not least, her technical experience in real estate is top notch. We are so happy to work with her again in our next home purchase as well looking forward to Michael who will be managing our other property. We appreciate both Lianna and Michael.

-J. & A. Lara, Sellers



Bobby Bare sings a country song that goes..."there ain't no TEN's". He obviously has never met Lianna Alvarez!!!  She is the most 'Can Do' Realtor you will ever have the pleasure of knowing; should you be lucky enough to be called her 'Client'.

It is very rare in our human existence to have life run smoothly, especially in a time of chaos; like in the loss of someone you love, and you live out of state. When it does run smoothly; it is because there is someone who has come to your rescue. My prayers were answered with the referral of LA Group; specifically, Lianna.

I truly wish I had the words to express my gratitude to her for her skills, competence, expertise and caring nature but they all fall short. SUPERIOR/EXCELLENT = her knowledge of not only her realtor profession but pretty much all things related and necessary to sell (and buy, I'm sure). AWESOME = her personality; caring in every way. DETERMINED/DIPLOMATIC = her abilities with outside professionals.

SINCERE = her! (This one is the most important to me.) The list would go on and on


I wholeheartedly recommend you contact her if you want a 100% great experience in selling (or buying). I would use no other. l, and my husband Paul, will be forever thankful Lianna came into my life just when I needed her and her amazing abilities. GREAT realtor, BETTER person. SHE IS DEFINITELY A "TEN" and then some! Thank you, Lianna!

-D. Hyde, Seller



How many real estate agents are in Nevada? Google advises there are 20,500 real estate agents. Lianna must be in the top 1% of agents and maybe she is number 1. Night and day, 7 days a week she was there for me. Whether I was concerned about issues, or she already answered my concerns without me asking. I didn't lose a second of sleep as I knew the job would be done. Here is the kicker. I'm going to miss not being able to work with her. Maybe I should buy another property and sell it so I can continue to work with the number 1 real estate agent in Nevada!

-S. Moskoske, Seller



Our experience with LA Real Estate Group has been many years and many houses later. Lianna has helped me and my husband as well as my son and daughter find, buy and sell several homes throughout the years. She and Michael are very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and don't quit until you have the perfect home! We wish we could take her to CO with us when we move. We never had to worry about a thing, she would text us with deadlines, and reminders of timeliness. We remember the days she would take us from one side of the city looking at endless homes trying to mark every box of what we needed in our new home. Thank you LA Real Estate Group for all the years of hard work, time, and dedication you gave to us and our family!

-F. & A. Gonzales, Sellers & Buyers



Thank you Lianna it was a pleasure working with you. You are very professional. 

-E. Bar, Seller


Lianna and her team are everything you never knew you cared about or wanted when buying or selling real estate. I have had some terrible experiences with other agents in the area, but Lianna made our recent experience absolutely wonderful. She is the epitome of professional and goes above and beyond in every way. Our family is so grateful that we were introduced to her by a trusted friend. She is patient and responsive. She helped to answer any questions, calm any fears, and was such a fantastic resource during the entire process. Her network of professionals from contractors to title companies ensured a smooth closing. Her negotiation skills and understanding of the local market is unbeatable. We are extremely fortunate that we were able to benefit from her expertise. She is such an advocate for her clients. Whenever a hiccup arose with the other party during the negotiation process, Lianna explained our options to us in order to make the best decision. Her insight is invaluable and we trust her completely! She is incredibly well-organized and we loved her use of data and market statistics to make tough decisions. We have already referred her to other friends and family members (and will continue to do so)! Our family is so happy to have met Lianna and hope to work with her again if we ever have any Southern Nevada real estate needs in the future. Thank you again, Lianna! 

-J. Souza, Seller


When we decided to purchase a home in Las Vegas a friend of the family recommended Lianna. From start to closing she did not disappoint. She answered every question in a timely manner and offered great suggestion when asked.  Even after closing she continues to assist. We highly recommend Lianna in all of your home buying needs.

-L. & A. Alconcel, Buyers


Lianna's expertise in homeownership and selling is unmatched. She worked with my family for over a year, through deployments and cross-country moves, to provide excellent service during the preparations and sale of our home. Not only did she answer every question but she was timely, strategic, resourceful, and effortlessly professional, with an efficient and effective team to match...Any buyer or seller who chooses LA Real Estate Group has chosen the best possible outcome for their deal! Thank you Lianna. We are extremely grateful for you and the LA Real Estate Group! —M. Schmitt, Seller 


We recently sold our home in MN and moved to Las Vegas.   The LA Real Estate group was highly recommended to us to find our home in Las Vegas and they far exceeded all our expectations.  Michael and Lianna treated us like family and not only  helped us find our dream home they helped our transition into the home and area and are always there to answer questions even after we closed on the home. Even though we moved across the country it was by far the most pleasant home purchase experience we have ever had !!. —B. & A. Aufmuth, Buyer


My entire family has bought and sold homes with the LA Real Estate Group for the last several years. Lianna Alvarez and group are quick to respond, keep you informed, explain everything for you, they are professional and have been wonderful to work with. It is great having someone you can trust with these important matters. I recommend them with the highest rating possible. —A. & F. Gonzales, Seller 


Lianna is the absolute best! Not only did she sell our house in 6 days she helped us find another home to suit all of our needs. We accomplished all of this in 6 weeks! The entire process was stress free. —H. & S. Prosser, Seller & Buyer


Michael Maggiore and his amazing team did an awesome job of selling my home!  He made it possible for me to move out of  state - during a pandemic- and know that my home would be looked after and sold in a timely manner!  Michael gave "above and beyond" professional attention to every detail.  Quite simply - I couldn't have done it without him and this team! —S. Kreeger, Seller


Can’t say enough about how incredible Lianna and Micheal we’re helping me with my home purchase. They were Johnny on the Spot the entire transaction coordinating everything. There was never a doubt we would close on time as I knew exactly what was going on and the “why” behind every request. I was most impressed by the care they had for me as a client as they always went above and beyond during inspection, appraisal, loan follow up, utilities transfer, closing, and the list goes on!. Even after the closing they don’t Leave anything to chance to make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Their attention to detail was amazing which was super important to me being a busy professional. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thanks Lianna and Michael!!!!  —Anonymous, Buyer


I've worked with Lianna and her team on a few deals and each time issues have came up and she handles them so gracefully and seamlessly. She really knows her business and what to watch for and pay attention too. Everyone knows a realtor, but if you want the right one that will have your back the entire process then Lianna and her team are who I recommend 100%.  —S. Root, Seller & Buyer


We have used the Liana Alvarez Group numerous times for both selling and purchasing homes. They are extremely professional and went above and beyond to make sure all our needs were met. I would highly recommend Michael and Lianna for any real estate needs.  F. & L. Swindler, Seller & Buyer


As the Executor of my late brother's estate, I needed a real estate Company in Clark County that possessed the professional skill set required to market and sell an estate property. Because I lived out of state I relied on the Law office I was working with in Las Vegas to recommend a Real Estate company capable of looking after my unique and specific needs. They had no hesitation in recommending Lianna Alverez and her team of professionals. With the professional and efficient support of Lianna's Marketing Department and back office, the home sold quickly. Through the whole process, I always felt Lianna and Michael were looking after my needs in a manner that was both productive and professional at all times. I have sold many properties over the years and there is not one Real Estate Company that I have dealt with in that time that even come close to the extraordinary service and professionalism that I experienced from Lianna, Michael, and their team of Professionals. Thank you Lianna and Michael! A. Foley, Seller


We were looking to relocate to the Las Vegas area and a friend recommended we contact Lianna and Michael for our real estate needs. To say we have been impressed would be an understatement. Lianna and Michael simply do their jobs better than anyone. They offer incredible customer service, superior product knowledge and unsurpassed dedication to fitting their client with the right property. Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming event. Lianna and Michael understand this and have worked diligently on helping us feel comfortable in our transition. They assisted us in not just finding a home but also a community in which we would feel connected socially.  J. Ward & M. Glusac, Buyer


Lianna Alvarez was recommended to my husband and I by a friend. She is, by far, the best realtor we have ever had including realtors from Texas and Nevada. The real estate process is quite different from Texas to Nevada and Lianna was not only extremely patient with and completely thorough in answering our questions but also anticipated steps in the process to keep the transaction smooth while getting us the most for our money. We look forward to our future endeavors with Lianna on our team. Thank you for everything, Lianna!!  — B. & H. Guimond, Buyer


I purchased my house with the help of my realtor, Lianna Alvarez. She did an excellent job helping me through the process. She's very professional, and knows what she’s doing. It's almost been ten months and she's still there for me. Sorry for the late review. Lianna. YOU’RE THE BEST! — M. Skalman, Buyer


My husband and I are from out of state and we were looking to purchase a home near Las Vegas to use as a vacation home after we retire. We were only in town for three days and Lianna worked with us to find a home that we loved. We had to handle the rest of the buying process remotely and she was very proactive about handling any issues and quick to respond when we had any questions. After purchasing our home we decided to use it as a rental until we retire. Lianna did such a great job as our realtor that we chose to use her to manage our property. As a property manager she always finds us great tenants quickly and she handles any home issues that arise. She also always has great advice. I may live thousands of miles away but having Lianna Alvarez Group managing my property makes me feel safe and worry free.  L. Ogihara, Buyer & Property Management


I HIGHLY recommend Lianna alvarez. She is truly a real estate expert with knowledge that extends to just about everything and anything you need to know, should do, or need to prepare for when purchasing a home. I am a first time home buyer, but I couldn’t have been more fortunate and beyond satisfied to have had Lianna throughout the process. She made sure to go above and beyond every chance she got to make sure I was completely comfortable and aware of every step of the process without any hidden or unexplained details whatsoever. She always took the time to thoroughly explain in full detail in a way that I would be able to understand, and answered any questions or concerns in a timely manner. She also made sure that everything was being processed in a timely manner, kept communication with me at all times, and not once did I ever have to wait for her to proceed to the next step. She always knew exactly what to do and how to get it done in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Additionally, I really felt like Lianna truly fought for what I desired as a home buyer, and made sure that I was being taken care of within all aspects of the contract from start to finish. She is truly a genuine person who cares. She not only gets things done, but she gets it done right the first time, and always made things easier and convenient for me. Even after closing, Lianna has assisted me with excellent references, advice, and continued support. This has truly been one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. Thank you Lianna Alvarez Group! — A. Byun, Buyer


I recently sold my house and Lianna Went well above and beyond to help me achieve my goal what a great company and what a great Sales person she is thank you very much Lianna. — W. Smith,  Seller


Lianna Alvarez Group have been worth their weight in gold.  We have a rental property that the Lianna Alvarez Group manages for us.  They make owning a rental property easy. My in-laws owned rental properties in California and did not use a property management company.  They were all but consumed by the work involved with their properties. As for us, we are enjoying life while Lianna, Michael and their team take care of everything from listing the rental to the  background checks to property inspections to contacting our home warranty company if repairs are needed.  If the repairs are not covered by the warranty, they get us multiple quotes from the amazing list of contacts they keep updated.  Oh, and that infinite list of contacts is just a phone call away if I’m looking for a new pool cleaning company, a handyman, a new landscaper, or any other service for my personal residence.  The Lianna Alvarez Group truly has your back.  They aren’t just empty words - they are how they run her business every single day.  — B. & H. Guimond, Property Management


We just wanted to take a moment and share our experience with Lianna Alvarez and the Top Tier Realty team. We received a really great referral for Lianna and after meeting with her felt very confident that she would be the best representative for selling our home. We live in Hawaii so we had to put a lot of faith and trust in the team we would hire. Lianna went above and beyond our expectations, was patient with us and helped us not just find the right buyer, but sell our home atop price per square foot in our area. The process had it's ups and downs like all real estate transactions, but we always felt at ease having Lianna is there to be our eyes and ears when we couldn't be. We are extremely grateful to have had someone with such experience, patience and creative ability to get our home sold. Thank you. — K. Kirschbaum,  Seller


It was such a pleasure working with the Lianna Alveraz Group. First, one seeks a professional team while selecting an agent to help them with their desire to purchase a home. We were in the process of still moving when were had the good fortune to meet Lianna and her husband, Michael. They immediately searched and pin pointed homes in our price range and desired location. Our home search was well organized by the team and we looked at various listings in a timely matter. What was unique about our experience was the fact that we found the perfect home with the Christmas Season in full swing. This was not a concern to the Alvarez Group. Every “t” was crossed and every “i” was dotted during this very busy time of year. Never was a request to see the home while in Escrow was denied. Many conditions were necessary to meet the deadline of 30 days and the Alvarez Group was on top of every detail. Not only did we find true professionals, but also a concierge service that was out of this world. What can also be hectic resulted in a lot of fun working with Lianna Alveraz Group. We look forward to their friendship as a result of their success in meeting beyond our needs. — R. & M. Harbushka, Buyer


Lianna and her team are amazing and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for property management. We have been working with them for many years now and have been extremely happy. We own a house in Vegas but live out of state. Lianna and her team manage our property and have done an excellent job at regularly communicating with us and keeping us informed with any details. Any time there has been a vacancy of our property, Lianna and her team have been quick to get our property listed and find a reliable tenant. We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and diligence of Lianna and her team and look forward to continuing to work with them. Thank you!    K. & G. Blidy, Property Management


After our meeting with Lianna and Michael, we knew that we made the right choice in choosing realtors. They were the most professional, courteous, and sweetest real estate agents we've ever had the pleasure of working with. When a complication did arise, Lianna fought for us the whole way and made the process effortless for us. Did we mention we were doing this mostly from out-of-state? We would recommend her and Michael to everyone! They're the best! — R. & T. Carrasco, Buyer


I live out of state and all the help Lianna Alvarez Group gave me towards the sale of my home was due to the efforts of Michael Maggiore and The Lianna Alvarez Group. I have renewed respect for realtors and especially Michael for making the sale of the home possible and made it a very successful venture. I would like to thank him for his professionalism, integrity and friendship.  D. Peck, Seller


WOW what can I say, from the time of contacting Lianna in a search for the right Iocal agent to list our property I knew she was going to be an amazing agent for us. Her wonderful attentive service, help and care during the sale of the house was TOP NOTCH!! She restored our faith in having to deal with another Las Vegas real estate agent after being let down very badly previously. Lianna and her team blew us away, with their very hands on approach, great follow up and information reporting without having to ask for anything at all (no hand holding needed!) and they 100% satisfied all areas of the selling process! I cannot recommend Lianna and her team highly enough, she is an amazing agent and wonderful person! - you will not regret hiring her if you are lucky enough to do so! Thank You Lianna! — C. Reavley, Seller


Hey Lianna, Can't thank you enough for your great realtor skills and efficiency when I was out on Military Duty in regards to selling my house there in Las Vegas. Thanks very much!!  — S. Kirk, Seller


We moved to Las Vegas from Denver and were lucky enough to meet Lianna through one of her listings. She took great patience with us, showing us many properties; educated us about the shopping, restaurants, entertainment, etc to help us get comfortable in the area we would choose. After about a month she took us to one we finally decided to buy. It needed some minor work and she set us up with a handyman and painter she worked with at a very reasonable price. We were more than happy with her not only as an agent but as a professional that went the extra mile to get us situated. We would recommend her as the first agent to call if you are looking in Las Vegas.... G. & S. Gloy, Buyer


I have worked with the Lianna Alvarez Group twice, both times Michael and his team have gone above and beyond what is expected of a realtor.  The second opportunity I had to work with the Lianna Alvarez Group was when I was relocating for work and had to sell my house.  My first and only call was to the Lianna Alvarez Group because I had such a positive experience with them the first go around.  Again, I was met with exceptional service that went way above and beyond what I could have asked for.  Michael was honest and open keeping our expectations realistic on what to expect when selling.  His team gave excellent advice on how to make the home ready to sell.  They walked us through pricing and where we should be based on market standards and helped us come to an agreeable price to start at.  After the first offer fell through because of the buyers, we were disheartened, Michael went right back out to the market and did excellent marketing for our house and we were able to get additional offers.  The entire time Michael and his team were on point, fielding walk through requests, offers good and bad, and keeping us up to date.  When we sold I had already moved out of the state and Michael was willing to assist the home inspections and any requests from the buyers making the impact as minimal on us as he could.  Michael went to the house and helped the cleaners clean our house to ensure it was move in ready for the buyers.  If you are looking for a hands on realtor that will go above and beyond what is expected, a painless process, and good company, look no further than the Lianna Alvarez Group.  I would use them every time I could! — T. & J. Vance, Seller 


Now that the dust has settled, it’s high time I stop and take a moment to write to you in order to express our profound thanks for all you did! I honestly thought it could take a month or more to find our home. Little did I know we’d find it by the fourth or fifth day. We accomplished so much, and at a perfect pace, and you were so professional from start to finish. Even the closing package you gave us is remarkable. You are exceedingly organized, I don’t know how you accomplish so much…and you do it with an impeccable appearance in both demeanor and style! You are the ultimate professional and you are well deserving of the recognition of accomplishments by your peers which you have received. It is our pleasure to suggest you to anyone we meet. We’ll call on you for all our RE needs. Meanwhile I look forward to your newsletters (AMAZING!) which will really help us enjoy everything LV has to offer. We wish you the best of luck and continued success. You certainly deserve it! — A. Amavisca, Seller & Buyer


If you are in the market to buy or sell a house you are a fool if you use anyone else! Lianna and her team were relentless when it came to getting answers from the less than useful buyer's team; the buyer, buyer's agent and lender were horrible! Without Lianna's persistence and relentless pursuit for information we would have lost the contract on our new home. We submitted an offer on a home 2 weeks after we accepted the offer on the sale of our house and had all of our documents signed and ready to go 2 weeks before the buyer's team. Lianna not only did her job with the transaction but at times had to do the job of the buyer's agent to be able to move to the next step in the process. Lianna is committed to her clients and does not back down when faced with a delay or, in our case, several delays on the buyer's side. If we are ever in the market for another home we will call on The Lianna Alvarez Group without hesitation! Thanks again! — A. & K. Seymour, Seller & Buyer


We have been a client of Lianna Alvarez since 2011. We have bought 2 homes with her help over the period of several years. As a client we are very pleased with how she has handled our business throughout these years. She is a great professional and a wonderful human being. Lianna has an amazing team of people like Kathy Moreno who is always there to help you. Thank you so much Lianna and team for all the good work. — M. Raina, Buyer


An ENORMOUS thank you to the Lianna Alvarez Group for the extremely efficient handling of the sale of our home. Lianna was recommended to us by a neighbor. She sat down with us and listened to our needs, quickly preparing a sales packet and taking care of everything in an almost painless process. Lianna is very knowledgeable of every aspect of real estate sales helping us anticipate and prepare for inspections, appraisals, and viewings etc. She went “above and beyond” when unanticipated problems suddenly popped up. She kept us notified of the progress and status every step of the way. Thanks again Lianna. We would gladly return to you for personal real estate needs and highly recommend you and The Lianna Alvarez Group to others! — N. & M. Hansen, Seller


MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! Michael Maggiore was by far and away the best real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with (this being the ninth time I've bought or sold property). Michael is a top professional in every important regard: knowledgeable, competent, organized, attentive, communicative and infinitely patient with me, in spite of my many questions and demands. And as a bonus, Michael is also a genuinely nice person - it was always a pleasure when we got together and looked at properties or went over paperwork. On my next transaction, I wouldn't think of using anybody else but Lianna Alvarez Group. -K. Stross, Buyer


The Lianna Alvarez Group is awesome! They are professional, proficient and personal. Being very experienced and knowledgeable of the real estate market, Lianna makes your concerns and needs, her priority. She accommodates you, in every way possible. She made the entire process of home buying incredibly easy for me. — R. Jenkins, Buyer


Lianna found me the perfect house and was there working for my interests through the whole buying process. She made sure we closed on time even though it took a lot of extra effort on her part. Her kindness and dedication meant a lot and I would definitely use Lianna Alvarez Group again!  — S. Lubinski, Buyer


My wife and I have used real estate agents over the years. Lianna Alvarez was hands down the best and most professional of any. Her detailed service to us was above and beyond our expectations. She always had anticipated our needs before we even asked. Our buying experience was very pleasant and went very smoothly. We can without hesitation recommend her for any of your real estate needs. We have already recommended her to our neighbor who is selling her house. — B. & S. Bragonje, Buyer


Moving from out of state? Stressful? YES!!!!!! However, we were able to find Lianna and from start to finish she was everything a person needs from an agent in finding a home. The responses via email and phone were fast, very consistent and the answers were honest and thorough. Lianna and her team were efficient in providing the research we needed to select the right home, in the right area. Bottom line, we will be referring all our friends and family to Lianna Alvarez. Need We say more? — Mr. & Mrs. Juarez


I have worked with the Lianna Alvarez Group twice, both times Michael and his team have gone above and beyond what is expected of a realtor.  The first opportunity I had to work with them was buying my first house, after searching extensively we were unable to locate a house that we loved and decided to build a new home.  Most realtors will step back during the construction process and wait for the completion, the Lianna Alvarez Group is not one of these realtors.  The entire process Michael was there with me, assisting me and ensuring the house was built properly without mistakes.  When I was having issues with our superintendent, Michael was in the other room running the issues up the chain of command until he was in touch with someone that was able to assist and make the problem go away.  When I was on a work trip and unable to check in on the house to ensure progress was being made, Michael stepped in and walked the house on my behalf.  Without the assistance of Michael and his team my house would not have been built as quickly and efficiently as it was.  If you are looking for a hands on realtor that will go above and beyond what is expected, a painless process, and good company, look no further than the Lianna Alvarez Group.  I would use them every time I could! — T. & J. Vance, Buyer


From the moment I met Lianna I was impressed. Lianna is the upmost professional who went above and beyond to keep the process of selling my home flowing in a positive forward direction at all times, despite whatever was thrown her way on any particular day. On a personal note she, is a "Gem" in the highly competitive Real Estate business in this city. I have and will recommend her to my friends and associates who are looking for the best Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas. — R. Schmuck, Seller


Can't praise Lianna Alvarez Group enough, they are all the best. Lianna herself is a "Super Agent", knows the business inside out, is very professional and extremely dedicated to her clients. Lianna kept me informed at every step and provided invaluable guidance during my sell and buy experience. Both of my transactions were expertly completed within six (6) weeks and I can't thank her and her team enough for making life so much less stressful. My highest recommendation to Lianna Alvarez Group, the Gold Standard for your real estate needs. — E. Wood, Buyer & Seller


Thank you so much for find the house of my dreams. This house fits my family to a tee. You have made it very easy to buy a home from out of state as I think this was the easiest buy I have ever done and the last two where in my home state. Also thank you for all of the referrals for house cleaning and landscaping. Thank you. — C. Murphy, Buyer


The Lianna Alvarez team was spectacular. Dedicated and highly focused on helping me find our perfect home every step of the way. Lianna is so professional and communicative and gives great guidance. The team ensures every step of the buying process is handled expertly. I'd never use anyone else! Thanks Lianna Alvarez team, from a completely satisfied customer. — L., Buyer


My husband and I became acquainted with Lianna and her team when our oldest daughter bought & sold a home using the Lianna Alvarez Group.  We currently have a rental property in Henderson and had been using a property manager but decided it give Lianna a try.  Her fees are cheaper than what we were paying, their promptness with dealing with renter issues is exceptional and we have no regrets with our decision to move to Lianna’s Group.  The Lianna Alvarez Group makes our life easy so thank you for that!!! S. Tindell, Property Management



Talk about a WOW Factor and exceeding expectations! My wife & I recently moved here from out of state. During what could have been a stressful situation of retiring and relocating to a different city, as well as knowing no one and nothing about the area, Lianna made it one of the most enjoyable experiences possible. She intuitively listened to all of our needs and quickly orientated us to the area. From start to finish, Lianna was always by our side, continually updating us, and always available for answering all our questions in order to make our transition as easy as possible. Lianna, thank you very-very much for your remarkable service and knowledge and going above and beyond to ensure our house hunting adventures were so streamlined. We feel extremely fortunate to have met you. Lianna – You’re a Rock Star! — S & M Harrell, Buyer



This is just a short message of thanks to you Lianna for all of your dedication and professionalism in getting us matched up with a home in that met the specifications that we were seeking. Keeping in contact with us and providing frequent updates was very important factors that drove our home buying decision. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know who is in the market to buy or sell a home. I can’t thank you enough. — M. Davis,  Buyer


Lianna is hardworking, trustworthy, reliable, easy to get along with, very people oriented and focused on good customer service. She was very attentive to the details of the real estate transactions based on our needs and found us the right home at a location of our choice. Every meeting with her was very pleasant and as easy as she could possibly make it happen for us. I recommend Lianna for your next real estate transaction without hesitation. I know you will be satisfied with her service just as much as we are. — W. & R. Cabalo , Buyer


If you are a potential buyer or seller of a home in Las Vegas, and you're not using Lianna Alvarez, you are doing yourself an injustice. I've worked in the real estate industry, and have worked with many agents, and Lianna is simply the best. When my wife and I began looking for a home, we were not sure if or when our home would sell. Lianna treated us like we already had a million dollars in our pocket and were ready to buy that day. Her attention to detail, customer service, and professionalism is amazing. She could not have treated us any better if we were her own family. I would strongly recommend Lianna if you want someone who will guide you through this complex process with the ultimate skill. We love Lianna. -Happy new residents of Las Vegas. — G & D Klein, Seller


Lianna, Michael and the team were extremely helpful in a difficult and unique sell. For well over 6 months of us being absentee owners, they handled every little nitpicking problem that would be otherwise taken care of in daily living. Even though we had the frustration of multiple buyers backing out at the last minute, they continued to stay professional and never left us hanging throughout the entire process. If I was returning to Vegas I would most definitely utilize their services to find a home. — R. Baker, Seller


Lianna and her team are highly skilled professionals that I highly value. She is my husband and I personal real estate agent and I am always in awe of her performance. Lianna helped us find our first home about five years ago. We were first time home buyers and needed quite a bit of patience to help us find the home that checked off all of our boxes. Lianna and her team came through for us and help negotiate an exceptional price on our starter house. When we listed our home for sale last year the market was very unpredictable. Lianna helped us stage our home and get it ready to sell, pointing out things that we never thought about to help bring the value we needed. When we sold our home, Lianna helped us get thousands of dollars over the appraised value AND she helped us get an awesome deal on a larger home - the seller even paid our closing costs! WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Many thanks to the Alvarez Team for over delivering every single time. — Mr. & Mrs. Skidanov, Seller & Buyer


Lianna is not like any other real estate agent that I have ever dealt with. She is professional, prompt and courteous. She works hard on a daily basis to get her clients what they need to find a new home. Lianna is easy to work with and she caters to the client like no other! When I would call Lianna, she would answer the phone almost every single time and if she didn't, she would call back within minutes. She gets the job done and that’s a fact. I will recommend Lianna to all of my friends and family! — J. Mendez, Buyer


I want to take a minute to thank you for all of your help in selecting an investment property with us last year. As an out of state buyer, what was especially impressive was your timely response of all of my telephone and e-mail inquiries. Your thoroughness during and after escrow was also greatly appreciated. My wife and I can only expect and hope for your continued great success.  — T. Hahn, Buyer


I've had the privilege of working with Lianna on a number of my properties and have found her to be dedicated, professional, relentlessly persistent in achieving the objectives of her clients working to get the very best price the market will bear! I highly recommend her to any who are buying or selling a home! — Pastor, Dr. R. Craig, Seller


This was our second home sale with Lianna and her team and we would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a professional and does her job better than any realtor we've ever worked with. Thanks. — R. Carrier, Seller


I'm very impressed with the way you and your group work and how smooth everything went. I would like to work with you again -thank you!  — R. Huffman, Buyer


Lianna- You have no idea how extremely grateful we are to have found you! You are absolutely amazing! I have been through two Realtors & neither of them had the timely communication and follow-through skills you possess. I know for a fact & without a doubt our short sale would not have gone through without you! You have superior knowledge to anyone else I have come in contact with! I just wish I knew you before I bought the house!! :-) I know I will never find another Realtor like you. Thank you again!  — M. Krocka, Seller